The World’s Largest Lesson and Anti Bullying Week

What makes a good friend?

As part of anti bullying week we have talked to each other about what we think makes a good friend. We have discussed how we would like to be treated by others. We wore odd socks to school to celebrate us all being UNIQUE!

In DT we designed a vehicle. We wanted our wheels to turn and we decided which materials we needed to use and how to join them. This week we started to make them!

We really worked together as a team to help each other with difficult parts.


We took part in The World’s Largest Lesson today. We talked about climate change and how it is affecting our world. We had lots of ideas about how we could help. 

We made Global Goals Glasses and discussed what we would like our world in the year 2030 to look like.

Finally we talked about how we would welcome a new friend into our school. We created a friendship map to help them to find their way around so they would feel safe. We also made sure that they would know how to get help and what a good friend is!

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