Pupil Questionnaire – KS1

Over the last couple of months I have been listening to the children, encouraging pupil voice and generating our Unicef Pupil Questionnaire. It has been delightful to speak to so many children (at a safe distance) and hear how much they like school and how well they are getting on.

The results of our questionnaire for KS1 are as follows:


Context: Completed May 2021. 42 responses (23% of cohort) Random sample across the year group.

98%  learn about rights at school

86% enjoy being at school

98% feel safe at school

93% like the way they are treated by adults at school

76% think the children in my class are kind and helpful

95% said they know who to tell if they don’t feel safe at school

88% said they felt their teachers listened to them

81% said my school listens to my ideas for how to do things better

88% said I know what I need to do to make progress in class

88% said I can do things to help others around the world

Comments included: we are the kindest children we help people we help others with their learning and work we can stop children from fighting we can help them if they are frightened we are kind in school we can help because we got a pump; Rights are very important. I have a right to help other people if they don`t have any money. I have the right to help people when they get hurt. I have a right to have mum and dad, to play, to have family and friends; Rights are something that you have. I have the right to play with my friends, to do my work; Rights are what we do in school. I have the right to keep safe, to be listen to, to be kind to others.

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