Pupil Questionnaire – EYFS

Over the last couple of months I have been listening to the children, encouraging pupil voice and generating our Unicef Pupil Questionnaire. It has been delightful to speak to so many children (at a safe distance) and hear how much they like school and how well they are getting on.

The results of our questionnaire for EYFS are as follows:


Context: Completed May 2021. 28 responses (31% of cohort) Random sample across the year group.  G Tillsley spoke to children from Tigers, Crocodiles and Monkeys and completed the questionnaire on their behalf.

100%  learn about rights at school

100% enjoy being at school

93% feel safe at school – the one child who didn’t feel safe said it was ‘because of the spiders!’

93% like the way they are treated by adults at school

89% think the children in my class are kind and helpful

93% said they know who to tell if they don’t feel safe at school

93% said they felt their teachers listened to them

Rights we know about: Play, shelter, food, water, clean air, go to school, be safe, to have someone to look after me.



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