PSHE Provision

Foundation Stage

The curriculum is delivered through a combination of PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) lessons and objectives from the Foundation stage developmental bands. The children are taught how to recognise and name emotions. They are also taught how to control uncomfortable feelings by going through a calming process (‘Doing Turtle’) that will prevent them from displaying undesirable behaviour.

We also have themed weeks where children learn about healthy eating, hygiene and the importance of physical activity. Circle time is also carried out regularly to deal with day to day issues the children may have.

Year 1

The PSHE curriculum is delivered through the PATHS curriculum. The emotions the children learnt in the Foundation stage are explored further and ‘Turtle’ is further embedded. Through the science curriculum the children learn about the similarities and differences between their bodies. Circle time is used to discuss friendship, emotional and social issues that occur on a daily basis.

Year 2

The PSHE curriculum is delivered through the PATHS curriculum. The range of emotions the children learn to name and recognise is increased. The children explore scenarios when and how these emotions occur and how to deal with them. Year 2 children are taught an enhanced version of the calming down technique called the ‘Control Signals’.

PSHE provision is also delivered through assemblies, RE and the geography curriculum.