At Beeches Infant School the teaching and learning of mathematics is a high priority as we recognise it as an essential skill for life. Our maths teaching and learning is based around the maths mastery approaches. Key topics are taught for longer so the children can learn more deeply.

The children have split maths lessons with a playtime in the middle. They are taught maths through the use of mathematical resources such as counters, tens, frames, dienes and numicon. Time is spent manipulating concrete resources to help the children deepen their understanding of maths concepts. Maths can be very abstract for young children that is why this part of the lesson is so crucial to help make those connections. Our maths problems are often set in real life context and include lots of reasoning and problem solving. In all lessons there is the opportunity for children to talk to their partners and explain/clarify their thinking throughout the lesson.

Another feature of our maths approach is our daily chanting to embed fluency of number facts. We recognise that ‘fluency’ is not just about remembering facts it is about developing all aspects of mathematical fluency.


At Beeches Infant School we are introducing a mathematical  resource called ‘Numicon pieces are shapes that offer images to represent number.

It is a visually stimulating, interactive and tactile resource. As numbers can be an abstract concept for children, it makes numbers real. It also helps children understand number relationships and enables children to calculate withut counting.