What can I expect at Beeches Infant School if my child has special needs?


At Beeches Infant school the person who coordinates the support for children with Special Educational Needs (SENCO) is our Inclusion Manager Mrs Sasha Rawlinson. 

She is available to speak to most days of the week just come to the  school office . If she is unable to see you immediately you will be able to make an appointment to speak to her. You can contact her by email enquiry@beechesinf.bham.sch.uk or phone 0121 360 4222. We have an open door policy and we are happy to see you at any time to discuss your child’s progress.


Open & honest communication

Appropriate and effective teaching & learning

A Partnership approach

Click on the links to find out how we can support your child at Beeches Infant School if they have Special Educational Needs or a Disability. This is our SEND Information Report 2018-19

What sort of difficulties could my child have that would need additional support?
How will we identify when your child needs additional support?
How might we help your child if they need additional support?
How will you know how your child is getting on?
How would your child be supported as they move between schools?
School Governor for Special Educational Needs & Disability
What about staff training?
What other services are available to help?
Links to other support services

Parent Support Worker Sarah Long


Sarah Long offers support, help and guidance to parents and children who may need support to improve school attendance or behaviour. She delivers workshops and parenting courses as well signposting to other relevant agencies. Many parents have received support with Housing issues, Debts, benefit advice, Domestic Abuse and much more.

For more information please follow the links to

Pastoral Team Page SEND Policy Behaviour Policy Behaviour Policy Summary Statement Equality Policy Medication Policy Accessibility Plan Supporting Children with Medical Condition Asthma Policy Asthma Flowchart Complaints Policy