Safer Internet week.

This week we have been learning about how to stay safe when using the internet. We watched a really informative video and we watched Newsround,  it gave us lots of useful advice. We then designed our own posters. We used Purple Mash to investigate sending emails safely. 


In maths we have been finding 1/2 , 1/4/and 1/3 of shapes and numbers. We used counters to support our calculations, as well as strips of paper. Do yo know what a unit fraction is?

The children in Whales class came up with a great idea based on the book we have been reading for English. They decided to make their own lava lamps to help Orion feel safe at night. We used water ,oil, glitter ( biodegradable) and food colouring. We talked about what happened to the oil as it was added to the water. We also compared mixing oil and warm water and oil and cold water. We shook the bottles to see what would happen.

14.02.2020 007 14.02.2020 008

(Click on the video clips. )

Happy Valentine Day! We used our circle time session to talk about the people that care for us and friends and family that are important to us. Some of the children decided to make cards.

We hope you all have a very enjoyable and safe half term. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

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