Learning Live

This week saw then end of our Learning Live sessions, and can I just say a big thank you to the grown-ups that have taken the time to join us. We have really enjoyed showing you how we learn phonics.

The children have made me and their adults so proud – they are little phonics superstars and have come so far since starting school in September.

Some of the parents feedback:

‘thoroughly enjoyed the live lesson and it was lovely to see the progress that the children are making …’

‘it was good watching my child interact with the teacher’

‘lovely to see it so engaging for the children … really impressed’

‘it was lovely to see my child in their learning environment interacting, thriving and having fun!’

‘I was able to see how my child is in class and it was priceless’

Were looking forward to seeing you for our Inspire Workshops on Thursday.

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  • Debbie Heard

    Really enjoyed coming into class to see all the Children happy and enjoying their learning! They really are clever little Crocs.
    Well Done to you all.


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