Beeches Infant school is a proud member of the Greet Teaching School Alliance (GTSA)
The Greet Teaching School Alliance was Birmingham’s first primary teaching school, designated in September 2011 as part of the first national cohort. Its designation has a clear focus on the support and development of schools in inner city Birmingham; its strong moral purpose drives this. The GTSA are currently an alliance of 46 schools and 3 university partners. The fundamental purpose of the Alliance is to work together for the benefit of all, because our schools are addressing similar needs and challenges. GTSA are dedicated to reducing inequalities and giving children every opportunity to succeed at school and beyond.

The GTSA work collaboratively with all Birmingham teaching schools, are an active member of the Association of Central Teaching Schools (ACTS) and work closely with Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) to support continuing improved outcomes for all Birmingham children

As a Teaching School Alliance the GTSA are firmly committed to supporting other schools as part of a self-improving, school-led system. School to School support (S2S), which may be commissioned by individual schools, Academy Trusts, the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) or a Local Authority, is a significant and fundamental part of its work as a teaching school, and it is pleased to have a great many System Leaders (those with a formal designation and those without) working with us to support other schools.


School to School Support

The GTSA support leaders, teachers and support staff in all types of schools, those which are vulnerable, perhaps in an Ofsted category of concern or requiring improvement as well as good and outstanding schools seeking external validation of their excellent practice or looking to improve further in a particular aspect of provision.

The Teaching School Alliance includes a number of National Leaders of Education (NLEs) and Local Leaders of Education (LLEs). These are headteachers who have been designated by the National College to work with other schools as part of system leadership.

We are proud to say that our head teacher (HT) Mrs Colley is a Local Leader of Education (LLE). She offers support to other schools around Birmingham and finds the role extremely rewarding and beneficial, with much to learn from visiting other educational settings.

As well as our HT supporting other schools, through our alliance with GTSA, other members of Beeches staff also have opportunities to share their practice and expertise.

These learning opportunities for leadership and staff enable sound professional development which ensures that Beeches Infant School continues to grow, thrive and develop in line with current, local and national trends. Of course by keeping staff up to date, Beeches own practice continues to evolve. The children, who are at the heart of everything that happens at Beeches Infant School ultimately benefit from the partnership.

Mrs Vicky Colley


For further information about GTSA click on the link http://greettsa.org/