Air Pollution in Reception

In Reception we have been continuing our learning about air pollution this week.

We spoke about how a lot of air pollution is invisible. We discussed whether there was any pollution in our environment – and the children decided that there probably wasnt.

We decided to do an experiment to see if our environment had any air pollution in it. We took a leaf from the trees nearest to the road and used a cotton bud to see if there was any pollution on the leaf. We were very surprised to see that there was after all!

The children are aware that they have a right to breathe clean air, and that ‘dirty’ air can make them feel poorly, give them coughs and cause asthma.

Article 24: Children have the right to the best health care possible, clean water to drink, healthy food and a clean and safe environment to live in. All adults and children should have information about how to stay safe and healthy.

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